Music Monday: Prefab Sprout

Today’s Music Monday post is about a British pop/alternative band with a very strange name.

Not many people Stateside have heard of the Sprouts, or know their leader, Paddy McAloon. That’s a shame, since McAloon is a masterfully good songwriter and singer on par with better known British counterparts like Elvis Costello and Paul Weller.

I have a lot more to tell you about Paddy, his music and his career in another post. But for today, let me introduce you to the music of Prefab Sprout.

One of their earliest hits, Appetite, from an early album – called Steve McQueen in the UK and Two Wheels Good here. I love the music, but listen to the lyrics. Just amazing.

A stunningly beautiful song about loving someone – and losing them – called We Let The Stars Go.

Stars was from the Sprouts’ masterpiece Jordan: The Comeback. It’s an album that’s about Howard Hughes. Or Elvis Presley. Or Jesus. Or all of them, or perhaps none of them. Another song from that album: Looking for Atlantis.

Prefab Sprout had another great album in the pipeline. The record company, as record companies often foolishly do, rejected that album and deemed it not commercial enough. They ended up putting out a few Sprout collections, including this gem from the early 90s, If You Don’t Love Me. Not sure about the dude walking around in his underwear.

It was almost 8 years before they came out with a new album, Andromeda Heights, and this spooky, Rebecca-inspired video, Prisoner of the Past.

Paddy’s always had a great affection for America, and his album The Gunman and Other Stories had a cowboy theme. Here’s his song Cowboy Dreams.

And a few months ago, Prefab Sprout finally released the album that had been shelved many years ago, Let’s Change The World With Music. It’s a rock and roll album that’s surprisingly infused with spiritual and religious themes. Here’s Let There Be Music, the opening song.

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