Dancing machine

It feels sort of lazy to cross-post content from other social media, but I’m in a group on Facebook that I wanted to call attention to.

Writer Chris Rodell grew up not so far from me in southwestern Pennsylvania, and he wrote a blog post a year ago with an obvious, inspired idea: that Pittsburgh needs to recognize one of its most famous native sons, Gene Kelly.

More specifically, the idea was to honor Kelly with a statue inspired by his iconic dance in the film Singin’ In The Rain.

Pittsburgh’s undergone quite the renaissance in the last few years. “Renaissance” is a word that’s been used in Pittsburgh a few times, once when it shed its old image of smokestacks and mills and also when downtown Pittsburgh started to morph into the contemporary skyline we see today.

And its current transition – from manufacturing center to one of the biggest tech centers outside of the Silicon Valley – is almost complete.

Pittsburgh can often be very self-deprecating and matter-of-fact. It’s not always in our nature to call attention to who we are.

But I love this idea. Not just because Kelly deserves the honor, but it would be great to have something so visible and so Pittsburgh to see downtown.

And also? Market Square in Pittsburgh still kinda looks like this!

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