And now, the weather

Have you noticed it? The news, that is.

Journalists are supposed to be objective and deliver the news calmly and objectively. But when news became a 24/7 deal, and drawing viewers became more important, everything reported on the news became filled with hype.

So now, instead of reporting on tips to make your house childproof, the local news station will say: Next….something in your house that could (((((((((((KILL YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))))

They should be handing out prescriptions for Paxil with those kinds of reports, if you ask me.

And nothing is hyped more than the WEATHER.

Yes, there have been several bad delays in the last few weeks. Yes, New York City has been hard hit. Yes, Atlanta has an unusual amount of snow.

But the thing is? It’s WINTER, folks. It snows in winter. If you’re anywhere in the Midwest, New England or Mid-Atlantic states, this should not be a surprise to you. This is also, quite frankly, not headline news in most cases.

But in the last few years, even the tiniest threat of snow seems to set media outlets off on a race to see who can hype this weather event the most. Anchors warning that a MASSIVE SNOWSTORM WILL CRIPPLE THE STATE!!!!!! All for a few inches of snow.

Here in Chicago, we got maybe two inches of snow the other day. But from the urgency on the news (and yes, they broke into regular programming too) you would have thought a meteorite of snow was about to hit the earth.

I know media outlets have to be competitive these days, but it’s gotten ridiculous. The massive hype on most local newscasts make them almost impossible to watch, because it leaves you unsure about what IS a legitimate crisis and what is just hyperbole.

It’s why I usually get my weather reports from the Internet, so I can make up my mind on my own. We’re lucky here in Chicago to have a great meteorologist, Tom Skilling. He’s a weather geek, but I say that as a compliment. He not only does the forecast but explains details for the viewer. And he does it calmly and objectively, and without that fear-inspiring SNOWSTORE THAT WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! voice. He’s well worth watching.

A calmer soliloquy to winter:

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