The mysteries of Pittsburgh

I’ll be discussing several so-called “Rust Belt” cities here in the next few weeks.

PittsburghBut I’m launching a series of posts today on one particular city: Pittsburgh.

The choice of Pittsburgh is, in part, because of my own experiences: I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. As an adult, I lived in city neighborhoods for over a decade. I still call it “home.”

But personal connections aside, I think Pittsburgh is a really compelling city to examine in this blog. Pittsburgh has been hailed as a success story (and rightfully so) of a city that lost its primary industry and managed to reinvent itself.

Pittsburgh is thinking about – or running right into – many of the issues of urban use, reuse, planning and development that are being discussed across the country.

And there are shifts in Pittsburgh’s suburbs, and the regions surrounding Pittsburgh, that fall into national trends (leapfrog suburbs, decay of first-ring suburbs).

Pittsburgh’s transit options (or lack thereof) are also very representative of the challenges many cities are dealing with, and I’ll be examining Pittsburgh’s transit issues, too.

There are some unique aspects of Pittsburgh – the geography, the resources and of course, the Pittsburgh accent – and I’ll be writing about those, too.