september 11th

Speaking her name

A long time ago, September 11th was just a date on the calendar.

Eight years ago, it became a symbol of the horrific terrorist attacks that happened in New York, Washington, and a town not far from my hometown in Pennsylvania. That town, Shanksville, was where one of the hijacked planes crashed before reaching its destination (the White House).

There’s a great project, The 2996 Project, and its mission is to take the focus away from the perpetrators and refocus it on the people who lost their lives that day. That’s accomplished by having talented writers and bloggers research their lives and remind us in words who they were. It’s a magnificent idea that many in the blogging community are embracing.

I hope that fellow bloggers will understand that I am not participating in this wonderful project, because there is someone very close to me that I lost on a very different September 11th two years ago.

I want to tell her story, too, so that people will not forget who she was.